Looking for a project, I figured a new bed would be a good idea. So I built one. First of all, a plan was necessary that takes into consideration the limited amount of tools, especially the absence of any kind of saw. Japandi, a style incorporating Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian purism, turned out to be the perfect fit.

Miró lying readily in front of a pile of pieces of wood 
Bosch 7 piece set of wood drills used as predrill, one 12mm drill to hide screw heads, and a KWB set of extra long drills

Preparation is key, so I ordered lots of drills that can become useful for future projects.

Miró inspecting the level inside the Bahco 300mm Combination Square

It is good to have a combination square ready at hand, even more so if it is orange and from Sweden.

He just found out he has to leave the room until I'm done
Berner EASYfast WAVE 4,5x60 screws and Würth 31 piece Bit Box with practical, magnetic fast release

The fast release Würth bit holder and quality bits Made in Germany were quite some investment for such small tool, but turned out to be essential. I planned using Würth screws with AW bits as well, but the Berner ones I got in the end are as good. Now I am left with  268 pieces of 4,5x60 and 92 pieces of 6x130 screws.

Screw clamp holding everything properly together
3mm preholes for fast screwing
GAH Alberts heavy-duty angle bracket holding everything neatly together

Also I was worried the screw heads would stick out further from the heavy-duty angle bracket, but they fit nicely.

Thirty-two screws later the frame is complete
One of the laths being used as spacer 
Clamping the strip of wood that's going to hold the laths
The first idea was to use a full-width board as leg
A shorter leg being marked
KWB Dübelprofi doweling jig helping with a straight drill hole
The frame also needs straight 5mm holes for the Berner EASYfast WAVE 6x130 screws
The finished frame standing on its own feet 
The laths being a little bit to long, and the frame not 100% rectangular, needed some special treatment with the Dremel
Looking nice and clean, only the last leg needs some further adjustment of 1mm